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Pull Upward Electric Oven
Pull Upward Electric Oven





3 Deck x 2 Baking pan, Total 6 Baking pan

Baking Pan Size

720 x 460 (mm)

Internal Size

W970 x D790 x H220 (mm)

External Size

W1400 x D1040 x H1675 (mm)


220V 3P, 380V 3P

Electric Heating













Good qualityeasy operatestable performance & energy-saving

Equipped with timer in every deck is convenient baking and control

There are separate heat controls for each section that lets you cook and bake at multiple

temperatures at the same time in one oven

Equipped with dual pane tempered glass window allows you to check the progress of

 what you're preparing without opening the oven door

Good performance of baking & balanced heat distribution

The oven for all of your restaurant's kitchen cooking needs Whether you have cakes

breadscasseroles or roasts to bake or broilthe bake oven is made for your needs

Extra equipped baking stone or Steam system available(optional)

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